Production and supply of Bushings and Bearings

C&G Boccole is a trading company. We are specialized in the distribution of all types of bushings to companies, resellers and end users throughout Europe.

The expertise of our organization provides our customers products of high quality with highly competitive prices. Our deliveries are fast and insured.

C&G Boccole can also provide special bushings of any kind. We also offer technical advice for every kind of bushings or bearings.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or fill out our contact form, we will contact you as soon as possible.

The BW 100, BW 200 of wrapped up bushes are a kind of bushes recently implemented by using a double layer of bronze - steel - lead widely used around the world. Because every day several new types of machine are introduced from abroad [...]

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The composite material “EKU” consists of three layers: a strip of steel support and a porous bronze matrix (CuSn 10) 0,25 mm of tickness impregnated and coated by material for bearings PTFE annealed at a temperature of [...]

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The material of the bushings EKX consists of three layers, an steel backing strip and a porous matrix in CuSn 10 impregnated and coated with a copolymer of acetyl resin that forms a layer about 0.35 mm. This material consists of good [...]

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The SELF-LUBRICATING BUSHES are composed with the best quality metallic powders, according to the methods of powder metallurgy. [...]

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